divendres, 20 de gener de 2012


Todos buscamos o ansiamos algo en la vida, cada  uno tiene un objetivo, y para ello depende mucho de sus capacidades y de su fuerza mental.

Pues resulta que yo no solo lo busco, sino que ansío una solución en mi incapacidad para esforzarme, sentirme bien, demostrarque aún sigo siendo el mismo, que el tiempo ni mi cerebro han podido con la devoción que yo siento por este deporte. He buscado refugio entre los abrazos de mis amigo, entre las palabras susurradas por poeta y MCs. Pero resulta que se mu vuelve a presentar una oportunidad de oro, donde puedo demostrar que sigo estando, que el espíritu de las grades citas sigue estando ahí.
Por ellos sigo buscando un cambio, y por ello surco la ayuda de mis amistades, de mi pasión y rabia, de lo que hace que se realicen los sueños.

Confío en un cambio de mi suerte y de mi mismo. Lo busco

diumenge, 13 de març de 2011


Yesterday I couldn't put my input, so today I'm going to put 1 entrie, and tomorrow other one

In the first I'm going to talk about "Crackovia".
Crackovia is an humoristic deportive program of TV3.
My favourite characters are Guti, Tomás Guasch y Tomás Roncero.
Tomás Roncero and Tomás Guasch
And these are two of my best gags:

See you soon

divendres, 11 de març de 2011

How to make a cake?

Today I'm going to talk about "How to make a cake?", because the cakes are very good .

Ingredients for 8 people:

-3 eggs
-Tablescoops of sugar
-Grated lemon
-Olive oil
-3 measures of fluor
-1 envelope royal

Preparation (50min)

Beat eggs with sugar until fluffy pasta
Add the yogurt, olive oil and lemon zest. Beat again and add in rainand flour on the royal.
Mix well until dough is thin and smooth. Pour into a pan or metal dish and sprinkle a little sugar.
Put the cake in the oven at about 170 º until golden. It is importantnot open the oven until fully cooked (35 min.)

I hope you liked


dijous, 10 de març de 2011

Raúl González Blanco

Today I'm going to talk about Raúl, my favourite football player.
Raul Gonzalez 10mar2007.jpg

He currently plays for Schalke 04, a German footbal club. He has played for Real Madrid since 1994 to 2010.

He has won 3 Champions league and 6 Spain leagues.

He is the top scorer and the player with most matchs played of Europe tournaments with 71 goals and 140 matchs.
This a tribute video of "deportes cuatro":
And this video is of more goals that he has scored:
I hope you liked,
Visca el Madrid

dimecres, 9 de març de 2011

Call of Duty: Black

Hello, today I'm going to talk about "Call of Duty: Black Ops".

This one of my favourite games, and thopic of this game is the cold war, decade of 60, in Vietnam, Cuba, USA and Russia.
My favourite mode play is multiplayer mode, when I play online gaming with other people. These are fotos of me playing multiplayer mode:
My nikename is er7gk and I prefer the map "Summit" and the gun "Commando"
Summit map
Commando gun

I hope you liked it,

dimarts, 8 de març de 2011

Un paseo por las nubes

I am going to talk about "Un paseo por las nubes" because this one of my favourite films and is very emotional.

"Un paseo por las nubes" (A walk in the clouds) is an American romantic drama film directed by Alfonso Arau in 1995.
The principal actors are Keanu Reeves (in the film Paul Sutton), Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (Victoria Aragon), Giancarlo Giannini ( father of Victoria) and Anthoni Quinn (Don Pedro).
Modifica l'HTMLKeanu Reevess

Aitana Sánchez-Girón

This is the trailer of the film:

I hope you liked it

dilluns, 7 de març de 2011

This is my life - Edward Maya

"This is my life" is one of my favourite songs. The DJ is Edward Maya, and the singers are Vika Jigulina and Edward Maya. 
He is a rumanian musician, producer, performer and composer, and his songs have succeeded around the world.
She is a russian singer that has been famous since she form a pair with Edward Maya.
I like this song because the music has a characteristic rhythm and the letter is very nice.

This is the offical video: