dijous, 10 de març de 2011

Raúl González Blanco

Today I'm going to talk about Raúl, my favourite football player.
Raul Gonzalez 10mar2007.jpg

He currently plays for Schalke 04, a German footbal club. He has played for Real Madrid since 1994 to 2010.

He has won 3 Champions league and 6 Spain leagues.

He is the top scorer and the player with most matchs played of Europe tournaments with 71 goals and 140 matchs.
This a tribute video of "deportes cuatro":
And this video is of more goals that he has scored:
I hope you liked,
Visca el Madrid

3 comentaris:

  1. Raul is a player of the Real Madrid eh?
    Well... is good ok xd
    but I prefer Messi!
    he is the best Ö
    3-1 byee


  2. MESSI N0008(
    Barça are a shit
    The best Madrid!