divendres, 11 de març de 2011

How to make a cake?

Today I'm going to talk about "How to make a cake?", because the cakes are very good .

Ingredients for 8 people:

-3 eggs
-Tablescoops of sugar
-Grated lemon
-Olive oil
-3 measures of fluor
-1 envelope royal

Preparation (50min)

Beat eggs with sugar until fluffy pasta
Add the yogurt, olive oil and lemon zest. Beat again and add in rainand flour on the royal.
Mix well until dough is thin and smooth. Pour into a pan or metal dish and sprinkle a little sugar.
Put the cake in the oven at about 170 º until golden. It is importantnot open the oven until fully cooked (35 min.)

I hope you liked


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  1. My godness!!! Did you do it yourself? It's far better than mines...

    To get music go to the DESIGN site and then ADD GADGETS...

  2. I know to have this, but the photo is of Internet.
    ok, thanks

  3. It would be delicious!
    I have hungry alfonso!
    hahaha yes I prefer love too.