dilluns, 7 de març de 2011

This is my life - Edward Maya

"This is my life" is one of my favourite songs. The DJ is Edward Maya, and the singers are Vika Jigulina and Edward Maya. 
He is a rumanian musician, producer, performer and composer, and his songs have succeeded around the world.
She is a russian singer that has been famous since she form a pair with Edward Maya.
I like this song because the music has a characteristic rhythm and the letter is very nice.

This is the offical video:

6 comentaris:

  1. hahaha that song I've hooked
    is very good:)
    one kiss(L

  2. YES!
    The song is cool!
    but I don't listen too much Edward Maya. I only have a song.
    Bye alfonso! :D
    see you soon.


  3. jaja
    Edward Maya is one of the best DJ, and his music is very nice!!

  4. hahahaha!
    Alfonso I'm sorry , but , i don't like Eduard Maya :S

  5. ALFONSO! :)
    yes I like your blog like now!
    the stars are very beautifuls *__*
    I love stars and you?
    See you soon


  6. jajaja
    I like the stars too, are very beautiful